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Inspiration…Can I get one of those?

So at the office today I felt kind of low and lacking any sense of motivation to do something awesome with my usual projects. I basically work as a print magazine designer/Creative and I kind of love the job to the perspective of responsibility that I have to make something that looks good to the readers. Yet I do not feel that thrust of enthusiasm a lot of days, so I started wondering “what the heck”… I have been in love with commercial art and design as far as I can remember, so what is it that is keeping me from being all so inspired on the daily basis with the projects I have.

Although I hate monotony, yet it is not something I completely despise when it helps me maintain a good balance with work and life so I bothered to study how few other good graphic designers out there tend to go about there daily work routine, not just trying to understand there work ethics but also how they keep their work environment and the workflow.

I got a few ideas and I can easily say this… there is no set rule on a carved stone that can guide every designer out there searching for their daily juice of inspiration. I believe that it is important for us individually to understand our key strengths and that might help us eventually finding out what will make us shine through. A few key basics that can guide a full time creative professional or a freelancer to my opinion can be,

Find your E-Spot: It so very important to find your enthusiastic centre, it is something that I feel is almost mandatory to go about the route of creating a  healthy experience while working and making good design happen. Now finding that very centre is not so easy, specially if your fresh, but you might still have a faint idea about it. So it needs to be something specific like if you have always loved photography…are you more interested in capturing topographic landscapes or maybe it is something about the insects that give you a sudden boost of creativity and inspiration. In short, find out what makes your mind and heart all lit up with ideas and jolts you to create something awesome.

WORK SPACE: Creativity bursts from the external stimuli, It is the experiences that feed our mind to help us churn out ideas, having said that, you need to create a working environment that best suits to your individual preferences in terms of what you like to feel like in your workstation and also what you mostly require. Although ideas can come from anywhere like if you are sitting on the toilet doing your business or just while your driving..but make sure your workstation feels like a home to your mind because that is the place where probably most of the ideas will take its tangible form.

Keep a record: Finally, you can always try keeping a habit of recording pretty much all of those thoughts that come to your head…let them be on a piece of paper or a sketchbook that you can keep around you. By doing so, I can surely claim that you will end up with quite bit of a vocabulary full of ideas of your own and maybe a guide that can help you out with those unfortunate times when you go through a creative block. Hence you will be able to continue creating fresh and original ideas.

On the end note…remember to work with a fresh mind and never try force feeding a design, It doesn’t deserve that. Instead let the inspiration come to you and when it doesn’t…..wait….after all we’re only human. :)

Good Luck!